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A kinder way to bank. Planet friendly. Animal friendly.

Purpose offers socially responsible banking that supports vegan advocacy and rewards customers for choosing cruelty-free and plant-based products.



Eduvanz was founded in 2016 with the mission to empower students to make educated and informed decisions by providing free financial resources and unbiased advice.

Eduvanz provides education loans for students and skill seekers and has received Series A investment from Sequoia Capital and Unitus Ventures.



Salarium's mission is to provide our clients with an unrivaled solution that ultimately leads to financial inclusion of their companies and staff.

Salarium aims to be the go-to payroll solution for businesses by providing a cutting edge software at an economical price point.


Redefining trade finance by digitization of trade documentation improving efficiency and reducing risk.


Businesses that make personal data easy to find, and grant access to, will drive trust among their consumers while minimizing the risk of perceived data misuse. Offering consumers greater transparency and control over their data powers a new level of trust. Businesses that empower their customers will become consumer champions. This is the Trunomi way.


Machine learned software for detection and triage of Covid-19 and other viral illnesses and chronic respiratory conditions.


Digital learning platform for underserved communities.


Basis was set up with the ambitious goal of creating a better monetary system: one that would be resistant to hyperinflation, free from centralized control, and more stable and robust than the monetary systems that came before it. It started with a white paper that proposed a stable, decentralized cryptocurrency called Basis and raised $133m of financing.


The project was wound down in December 2018 due to negative impact of US regulations on key elements of the system and returned capital to the investors.


Financial modeling software for startups and venture capital.


Mission driven FinTech that provides financial access to high-promise international and DACA students. Member of the Board of Directors.


Optimize grid-scale storage and renewable assets in real time.

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